How To Shake Cocktails

1. Place ice cubes in the shaker first. This will chill the shaker and cool the liquids as you add them.

2. Use 5-6 ice cubes for one drink.

3. When making two drinks at once use less ice to make room in the shaker.

4. Don't overfill the shaker. Give the ingredients plenty of room to move around.

5. Shake most drinks vigorously to a slow count of ten.

6. Shake drinks longer and harder that have many ingredients or ingredients that don't mix well such as eggs or cream.

7. Shake to a rhythm. Hum a tune and shake to the beat.

8. Shake frozen or blended drinks like daiquiris and coladas with crushed ice.

9. Don't add fruit to the shaker. Instead add it to the glass after straining.

The No.1 Cocktails

Strawberry Cocktail No.1

* 1 cl Red Vodka
* 1 cl Bacardi Lemon
* 3 cl Orangejuice
* 7 cl The No.1


Strawberry Cocktail No.2

* 4.28 oz. The No.1
* 3.4 oz. Finlandia® Cranberry Vodka

first the The No.1, let the vodka color the entire thing in front of their eyes.
Recommended Glass: Collins Glass

Strawberry Cocktail No.3

* 2 parts Jack Daniel's®
* 3 parts The No.1
* 3 drops Lime Juice
* 3 Ice

Mix all the ingredients together and serve in the glass with the ice.
Recommended Glass: Old Fashioned Glass